Monday, 9 August 2010

Pride Weekend

I had such a great time in the last week! Went to see Inception twice and loved every bit of it! :)

This weekend I had Saturday and Sunday off work and the Brighton Pride parade was on which was perfect timing as a couple of friends from Canada came to visit me (they are sadly leaving tomorrow morning..).
They arrived on Saturday morning so I went to pick them up from the airport and then went straight to Preston park to check it out :) It was my first ever Pride as I'm usually working over the weekend so I was extremely excited and it was so much fun, everyone had dressed up wearing crazy clothes and make-up etc and me and my friends put glitter on our cheeks :D

We went out in the evening so I showed them what Brighton's night life is and had an awesome time again.
The morning after (yesterday) we decided to go to the seafront and have lunch there and afterwards we went Geocaching! I had no idea what that is before they introduced me to it but now I'm definitely hooked :D

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