Thursday, 10 November 2011

Shooting stars

Things I learned during this project:
*How to edit videos in Quick time 7.
*How to combine Photoshop, Quick Time and iMovie going back and forth to create an animation.
*You can get software that tells you to have a break every hour.
*How to download youtube videos and combine them with animation in Photoshop
*Relaxing music is very beneficial when it comes to repetitive tasks
*Having 20 files with similar names in the same folder is a bad idea
*Always. (I repeat) Always save a .psd file with all layers of an animation edited in Photoshop
*I learned that 45 seconds is a long time..

Anyway this is the final version of my animation (for now) and I’m quite happy with it even thought it doesn’t follow my initial script.
I tried to look at ways for Rebekah Brooks to be the victim of phone hacking and this time the celebrity (Hugh Grant) is the one trying to invade her private life by inserting a hidden camera in her house and then “hacking” her phone.
The animation is meant to be in the same style as FoneJacker (hence the cut out mouths) and hopefully the viewer will find it funny.
(….finally sleep time for me)

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